Oy! is the first iPhone and iPod touch app that provides 5 distinct exclamations of dismay and exasperation for any occasion! The included Oy+ even lets you listen to 20 hilarious and authentic witticisms for many of life’s most common scenarios.

oy+ blessings screen shotWhether it’s being stuck in traffic, having in-law woes, or when contemplating “kids these days”, sometimes everyone just needs to say “Oy!”. Now, the Oy! app provides everything from “Oy vey”, to “Oy gevalt!”, to “Oy yoy yoy”, with five completely authentic recording of distinct exclamations of dismay at your fingertips. There’s even an Oy for a Goy!

The included Oy+, takes the hilarious and universal functionality of Oy! one step further. You’ll have over 20 time tested and grandmother approved responses to common scenarios such as engagement announcements or someone taking longer than expected in the bathroom. If you didn’t know that “Mazeltov!” and “knock knock knock, what cha’ doin’ in there!?” were the correct responses, then you need this app! All the sound bites combine both hilarious delivery and an irrefutable authenticity. One user even asks “how did they manage to get my grandma’s voice in there!?”Head to the iTunes App store now –  it’s only 99ç.


  • 5 distinct exclamations of Oy!
  • 20 pre recorded responses to common scenarios
  • Additional “Feh” exclamation

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